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The progression of my work has been a continuous blending of my educational experiences with my constant drive to be creative. I received my BFA in painting and drawing from West Virginia University in 1988 and went on to graduate school at James Madison University receiving my MFA in sculpture in 1992. I then taught sculpture and design at the college level at both James Madison and the College of William and Mary. In 1989 I began blacksmithing and have since worked and studied with the best blacksmiths in the country learning traditional forging techniques and the importance of preserving the rich history of this art form. Before opening Freedom Metals, I also spent four years at a large architectural metals company in Basalt, CO. as their head blacksmith learning much about commercial blacksmithing and its architectural applications. Now, as I have my own company whether I am drawing, designing, forging, or creating a faux finish, I feel that my education in fine art along with the experience I have gained in blacksmithing over the last fifteen years has enabled me to be knowledgeable and versatile in the way that I think about and approach my work.

  • Having a commitment to continuing education in blacksmithing I periodically do demonstrations as well as, teaching a beginner-intermediate blacksmithing course each summer, which is sponsored through Rocky Mountain Smiths. If you are interested in taking a class in blacksmithing or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  I joined the company just over five years ago after spending the previous ten years as an elementary school teacher and also as a school administrator. Before becoming a teacher I worked building and remodeling homes in and around the Washington D.C. area. This experience has helped us with our design applications as well as our installations. I have worked with Alison in our home studio learning the traditional blacksmithing. I have taken a number of workshops and classes to enhance my skill level. I have found working with metal to be completely different than working with wood. Metal seems to have a mind of its own that you have to encourage to work in the direction that you want it to go. It is a lot like my experiences teaching first grade and kindergarten.